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CIRE TRUDON Scented Candle Abd El Kader

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Abd El Kader was a politician and military leader, as well as a writer, poet and philosopher who founded the Algerian state. A man who always fought with honour, he was highly respected even by his enemies.
The Abd El Kader scent is inspired by Moroccan mint tea and you can enjoy traces of mint, blackcurrant, lemon, ginger, nelk, apple, jasmine and vanilla.
  • Volume: 270 g.
  • Dimension: 10,5 x 9 cm.
  • Composition: The wax formular of the candle is fruit of specific development and cotton wick
  • Burn time: 55 - 65 hours
  • Packaging: Champagne inspired glass 
  • Detail: Each glass is unique and handmade in France