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TROIS POMMES HOME Corner / Comfy Chair

Availability: In stock

Corner or Comfy Chair by Troispommes Home. This multi usable piece can be combined with the sofa to create a u-shaped sofa set or simply use it as a comfy large lounge chair with armrest.

The product is not in stock. Products not in stock typically has a delivery time of approximately 2-8 weeks. Please contact shop@atelierdunoir.com regarding ordering and delivery.

  • Dimensions: 95 x 95 cm. 
  • Weight: 21,5 kg.
  • Fabric: 100% Olefin based, UV protected and weather proof against moist
  • Color: Silver/Grey or Dark Grey/Brown
  • Washing: 40 degrees 
  • Drying: Can be tumbled dry at low temperaturs
  • Please note: Each item comes with a Cover for weather protection against rain or worse