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  • troispommes-home-lounge-sofa-c1-collection-atelier-du-noir
  • troispommeshome-c1-collection-lounge-sofa-atelier-du-noir
  • troispommeshome-c1-collection-atelier-du-noir
  • troispommeshome-c1-collection-atelier-du-noir
  • troispommeshome-havemøbler-udendørsmøbler-atelier-du-noir


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The C1-collection of outdoor lounge furniture has been created by Troispommes Home of a vision to make modern, easyliving and at the same time, pratical and usable outdoor furniture.

The furnitures are made to be used and are therefore resistant to water, moist and mould.

The product is not in stock. Products not in stock typically has a delivery time of approximately 2-8 weeks. Please contact shop@atelierdunoir.com regarding ordering and delivery.

  • Dimensions: 140 x 95 x 70 cm.
  • Weight: 24 kg.
  • Fabric: 100% Olefin based, UV protected and weather proof against moist
  • Color: Silver/Grey or Dark Grey/Brown
  • Washing: 40 degrees 
  • Drying: Can be tumbled dry at low temperaturs
  • Please note: Each item comes with a Cover for weather protection against rain or worse